Small Town Life

The News , local at least, always seems to focus around the weather this time of year..while I am happy  to ignore so much of the negative news, I was thinking about how different it was being born and raised in one of the worlds Metropolis’s…the daily chit chat, newspapers, TV, etc….weather is rarely focused upon….and more RARELY do you connect with owners of the businesses you frequent

As I was out walking our pups I was thinking how grateful we are to live in such a nice community…and how nice it is to have a small town…where people have businesses that you actually connect with the proprietors…

One of the great Shops in Bristol, TWIN DESIGNS, is one of those great places.

Owned and operated by Twin Brothers, Jim and Brad Tonner, it’s just one of those special places that you always enjoy going. Both artist , as well as children book authors, it’s enchanting to hear their stories of their WONDERFUL pet turtle, Diane. They have had Diane for over 40 years! Not to mention the FABULOUS Birthday Party she has every summer!…Plus the store has photos and memorabilia of their family, who have been connected to the area and lake for many many years…The brothers warmth and welcoming….the peace of such a lovely place….gives all of us a special place that we would certainly NEVER find in a large city…they deserve a Big THANK YOU

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